Poem to the Missing and Murdered Women: Why isn't 600 Enough For You?

My Daughter Alana Sayers wrote this poem.  It really touched me when I read it and I asked her if I could put it on my blog for International Women's day:  


My anger rises like the heat from the sun
In the middle of the desert
I can’t stop it
I can see it sucking my life
Out of me
From those around me
Killing the earth
I don’t want it
But I don’t want to live without it
It’s all I have left of her
The woman who taught me
How to be the sun
To warm mother earth
To be the light
For her to grow
For others to see
Every tree cut down
Every Indian woman stolen
I want it back
All of it
All the others
Every tree
So I no longer have to be
The raging sun
Punishing with heat
And drought
Slowly dying
Please give her back
She wasn’t yours
You didn’t have to take her
Or any of them
How am I supposed to look my world in the eye
Every day
Without her
How can no one hear my voice
Or all the others
I need her
Like you need to not know her
Or where the screams are coming from
You’ve taken the trees
More than you can count
But I won’t let you take the sun
So one day I can grow more trees
Than you can cut
And you’ll finally understand

Why we need them

By Alana Sayers


On March 8th, 2013, Honour women, honour mothers and honour Mother Earth!

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