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6 years 1 month
2015 / PDF
The following pages outline the Commission’s central conclusions about the history and legacy of residential schools and identify both the barriers to reconciliation and the opportunities for constructive action that currently exist.
Author(s): The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada
7 years 5 months
2012 /
This policy outlines: Health Transportation Assistance for On-Reserve Members, Health Transportation for Off-Reserve Members, Exceptions to Travel Assistance, Hotel Accommodation Receipts, Unallowable Expenses, Non-Insured Health Benefits Approval, Escorts, Assistance Procedures, Compassionate Care Travel Assistance.The creation of this document was funded by the New Relationship Trust. This...
Resource Producer: Sekw'el'was (Cayoose Creek Band)
4 years 4 months
2017 / PDF
This presentation was given on the Penticton Indian Band's Recreation feasibility study to identify community priorities, interests, concerns & needs; engage the community to solicit guidance and direction; and identify opportunities for recreation & assess feasibility. 
Resource Producer: Penticton Indian Band
4 years 4 months
2017 / PDF
The Penticton Indian Band (PIB) recognizes that recreation can play an important role in the health and well-being of its membership. In 2016, PIB directed the PIB Natural Resource Department to facilitate a preliminary feasibility assessment focused on the recreational needs and priorities identified by the PIB community. The study included discussion associated with the viability and options...
Resource Producer: Penticton Indian Band
5 years 6 months
2015 / MP3 Audio
A new report urges the federal government to implement the recommendations in the 58 studies that have been done into ending violence against First Nations women and girls. The report was produced by West Coast LEAF in response to Stephen Harper’s claim that he’s not holding a national inquiry because there have already been too many studies. Redeye host James Mainguy...
Author(s): James Mainguy
5 years 9 months
2011 / PDF
Traditional Indigenous Approaches to Healing and the modern welfare of Traditional Knowledge, Spirituality and Lands: A critical reflection on practices and policies taken from the Canadian Indigenous Example
Author(s): Julian A. Robbins, Jonathan Dewar
6 years 2 weeks
2015 /
Today, in Canada, Aboriginal peoples continue to experience marginalization, over representation in the child welfare system, and a higher prevalence of poverty and substance misuse challenges. These experiences affect for Aboriginal women in particular because of the oppressive experiences of systemic racism and discrimination they face, including legislation such as the Indian Act and the Child...
Author(s): Cyndy Baskin School of Social Work, Ryerson University; Carol Strike Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto; Bela McPherson
6 years 2 weeks
2015 / PDF
Inequities experienced by Aboriginal people in Canada due to residual effects of colonization and assimilation are evident; research is needed focusing on positive strategies for health and healing in urban settings. Participatory action research (PAR) is identified as an appropriate method of research for engaging collaboratively with Aboriginal people. This study involved seven First Nations...
Author(s): Carla S. Ginn, University of Calgary; Judith C. Kulig University of Lethbridge
6 years 3 weeks
2014 / PDF
Over the past three decades, policy reforms have been geared towards improving quality of care, responsiveness, and equitable access to healthcare services for all social groups in general, and individuals living in marginalizing circumstances in particular. The purpose of this study was to document how primary healthcare services (PHC) services are provided in Norway and British Columbia to meet...
Author(s): Josée G. Lavoie, University of Northern British Columbia
6 years 4 weeks
2011 / PDF
A proposed broader or Indigenized social determinants of health framework includes "colonialism" along with other global processes. What does it mean to understand Canadian colonialism as a distal determinant of Indigenous health? This paper reviews pertinent discourses surrounding Indigenous mental health in Canada. With an emphasis on the notion of intergenerational trauma, there are real...
Author(s): Karina Czyzewski, University of Toronto