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5 years 10 months
2015 / PDF
Media plays an integral role in (re)producing our social construction of reality. When viewed in light of Canada’s colonial legacy, media’s power has undoubtedly been implicated in circumscribing Indigenous peoples and Indigenous–settler relations. Employing a discourse analysis of mainstream media covering the recent (2011) implementation of a comprehensive land claims agreement in British...
Author(s): Vanessa Sloan Morgan Queen's University; Heather Castleden Queen's University
7 years 5 months
2010 / PDF
*NOTE: content below: from actual document* Communication Strategy One Band, No BarriersAs the Adams Lake Indian Band (ALIB) worked towards the refinement and implementation of a Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP) it became vital that clear lines of communication need to exist.a) within Band departments between Supervisors and Staff b) between department Supervisors and Band Management, and c)...
Resource Producer: New Relationship Trust
7 years 5 months
2011 / PDF
This is a report of the findings of research commissioned by the Horizontal Policy Integration Division (HPID) of HRSDC. The objectives of the study were to determine the extent, nature and benefits of social media use by five vulnerable populations – Aboriginal peoples, people with disabilities, recent immigrants, the homeless and seniors – and by the institutions that serve them, and to explore...