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2015 / PDF, Word
The Naut’sa mawt Tribal Council Housing Policy Toolkit Project is a capacity development initiative of the Naut’sa mawt Tribal Council (NmTC) that is national in scope.Toolkit 2.0 is intended to provide a comprehensive, flexible, user-friendly and non-prescriptive discussion and policy framework that First Nations can adapt to their specific rental and rent-to-own housing policy requirements...
Resource Producer: Naut’sa mawt Tribal Council
Author(s): Naut’sa mawt Tribal Council
5 years 6 months
2015 / PDF
Members of the Dene Tsaa tse K'Nai First Nation (DTTK) have used their traditional lands to sustain themselves since time immemorial, and DTTK has maintained a continued process to assert their Aboriginal rights as the Indigenous people of their lands.  Through a joint political and legal process, DTTK negotiates economic opportunities within their lands through a consultation and accommodation...
Resource Producer: Dene Tsaa tse K'Nai First Nation (Prophet River First Nation)
5 years 11 months
PopularTopic Spotlight
2015 / PDF
Data is a powerful tool to gain understanding how current energy systems work and either validates predicted performance or pinpoints system flaws and inefficiencies.
Author(s): Jessica Bekker
5 years 11 months
2015 / PDF
A First Nations Clean Energy Working Group was brought together by Klahoose First Nation, shíshálh (Sechelt) Nation, Sliammon First Nation, and Sts'ailes First Nation to share capacity on developing clean energy projects. This document presents an overview of the project's progress.
Author(s): Judith Sayers
7 years 1 month
2012 /
Materials you will find in the shared documents:1. Introduction2. Mining Protocol developed by Bull, Housser and Tupper LLP3. Agreements drafted by Bull, Housser and Tupper LLPa. Memorandum of Understanding b. Engagement Agreement c. Traditional Knowledge Protocol d. Socio-Economic Participation Agreement4. Related Presentations by Bull, Housser and Tupper LLPa. First Nations Self-Government: A...
Resource Producer: First Nations Energy and Mining Council (FNEMC)
7 years 8 months
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2013 / Word and PowerPoint
Communities can use these combined resources to examine the Stz'uminus First Nation's approach to community engagement and impact & benefit agreements to gain knowledge and insight that will inform the process and development of their own community engagement and impact & benefit agreements.The Impact Benefit Tool contains the following sections:Scope of management approachNatural...
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2015 / PDF
In order to assist you and your community’s participation in this year’s federal election, the First Nations Leadership Council has compiled the attached 2015 Election Package.The FNLC’s 2015 Election Package is being provided to all 203 First Nations in BC.
Resource Producer: Union of BC Indian Chiefs (UBCIC)
5 years 9 months
2015 / Word
This Handbook defines Sts’ailes policies, rules, and procedures in the overall administration of its affairs.
Resource Producer: New Relationship Trust
Author(s): Sts’ailes
5 years 9 months
2005 / PDF
The move towards greater self-governance challenges First Nations leadership to manage the growth of its administration and adapt its governance structures. As First Nations assume greater control over these structures, the result will be broader and more sophisticated organizations, with more departments, sections and divisions, and greater responsibility over matters such as education, housing...
Author(s): David M. Robbins, Kathryn Deo
5 years 12 months
2015 / PDF
The following pages outline the Commission’s central conclusions about the history and legacy of residential schools and identify both the barriers to reconciliation and the opportunities for constructive action that currently exist.
Author(s): The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada